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What do programmatic buying companies do?

By Anvi Patil @anvipatil70
    2021-07-01 06:25:20.593Z

    Digital media has emerged as one of the most effective means of marketing brands in recent years. Although there are several factors that have contributed to the growth of digital media, the increased consumption of social media websites and applications has made digital media one of the most sought-after platforms for marketing. The increased usage of social media sites can be considered a cultural revolution.

    Today’s youth spend a lot of their time on social media platforms. They have fun and recreation and pursue their hobbies and professional activities online. The easy availability of smartphones and fast and cheap internet services have boosted the use of social media. Almost every brand sets aside a portion of its budget to market itself on social media.

    When we talk about promotions of a brand on social media, one should not think of it as posting a photograph or a text. A lot of brainstorming and elaborate planning is required to draw the roadmap for digital media promotions. There should be a dedicated team of marketing professionals to identify the exact digital media platforms and specific social media sites that are most effective for promoting the brand in question.

    The team must find out the digital media platforms and social media sites used the most by the target segment of the products and services offered under the brand's label. Undoubtedly, this activity demands a lot of research and data analysis. There are many programmatic buying companies which offer expert services in this regard. Many brands hire their services for the activity of media planning.

    Once the activity of media planning is completed and the channels for digital marketing get identified, the next step is to create a plan for the spending to be made over the course of the marketing period. It demands the involvement of a separate team consisting of media buyers. The media buyers analyse the cost incurred in each digital platform and social media site for the promotional activities and run them against the quantified data of expected results.

    Many brands do these analyses by themselves, but it is recommended to hire one of the programmatic buying companies available in the market for better decisions. The good thing is that there are many programmatic buying companies that offer the services of media planning and media spends for the benefit of the brands.

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